Dinner Mystery in Indianapolis, IN

Saturday, June 26
Show: | 6pm // Doors: | 5:30pm
$45 to $70

Mad Hatter Shows is excited to have you join us for an upcoming live show! We are presenting a mystery dinner brought to you by Mayhem4Hire. They produce mystery dinners throughout the Midwest with special topics and themes. 

The upcoming dinner will take place on June 26, 2021 at the historic Irving Theater from 6 to 9pm. The mystery is a special theme related to the 44th Anniversary of The King’s Indianapolis-based last Concert. An additional historic note is that a portion of the stage at the Irving Theater is part of the final stage of that which Elvis performed on 44 years ago for his final concert. 

** You are able to choose if you wish to be “active” participate in the mystery or not
** All admissions include meal (salad, entree with side, dessert) and tea or water. Beer, wine and sodas available
** VIP includes an interaction, scarf and photo with Elvis character, additional souvenir and a “special” dessert with Elvis favorites of peanut butter and bananas